Puzzling Puzzles – Edition 3

This is the 3rd edition of Puzzling Puzzles. Each week the first person to submit the correct answers to all of the weeks’ puzzles will win a box of chocolates or something equally exciting.

Please submit answers to puzzles@bloginthelight.com or return to Alex at Church on Sunday.

The answers will be provided in 2 weeks’ time. (10th September 2017)

This week’s puzzles are a Polygon Puzzle and Scrabble. Good luck! 🙂

Polygon Puzzle

Below is a nonagon with 10 letters inside. Write down as many words with 4 or more letters. All words must include the centre letter and you can only use each letter once. There is one 10 letter word. A clue has been provided for what it could be.

Each valid word is worth a number of points. 4 letters = 4 points. A bonus 50 points can be awarded if you can give which Book, Chapter and Verse that the clue is alluding to.


Using the letter tiles given, make a word that forms part of everyday English. Words that are not allowed include pronouns (words always capitalised), abbreviations, acronyms, prefixes, suffixes, and words requiring a hyphen or apostrophe.

Each letter tile may only be used once. Blank tiles can be used as any letter, but have a value of zero.

SCORING: Add up the values on each tile used in your word, multiplying the value of any tile that falls on a letter bonus. Word bonuses are applied to the entire word after adding the scores of the letters together. This is in addition to any other letter or word bonuses. You may find a dictionary useful. You can place your word anywhere along the rack to get the best points possible. 7-LETTER BONUS: If you use all seven tiles in your word add an extra 50 points after applying all other bonuses.

See what you can make for your highest score. Each set has a word that utilizes all the letters and is connected to our bible reading today. (Judges 6: 1-24)

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