Puzzling Puzzles – Edition 4

Week 4 of Puzzling Puzzles contains a wordsearch, crossword and a quick quiz. The first to submit the correct answers to all of the weeks’ puzzles will win a box of chocolates or something equally exciting (Adult and Child).

Please submit answers to puzzles@bloginthelight.com or return to Alex at Church on Sunday.

The answers will be provided in 2 weeks’ time. (17th September 2017) – Good luck!


Today, the 3rd September, marks the feast day of Saint Gregory the Great (Pope Saint Gregory I) in the Church of England calendar. Gregory was Pope of the Catholic Church between 3rd September 590 to his death on the 12th March 604. Gregory is the patron saint of students, and teachers – very apt given the new school year is just about to begin – as well as musicians and singers.

Can you find the 21 words relating to Gregory, his life and ministries in the below wordsearch?

Quick Quiz

  1. What has been the name of our current sermon series?
  2. What is today’s sermon title?
  3. Can you name each of the other individual sermon titles? (1 point per answer)
  4. We didn’t look at this one but what does Jehovah El Roi translate to?
  5. What about Jehovah Yireh?
  6. What is the Hebrew for ‘the Lord our righteousness’?


Here is a crossword grid.
Answer the clues to get the word for the corresponding position in the grid. The numbers in red brackets tell you how many letters the answer is split into as 1 answer might have two words, for example an 8-letter answer might be split 4,4. To get you started, the first answer has been provided as an example. Just place it in the grid in the correct position and off you go! 🙂