Blog in the Light – A story behind the name

Some people have been asking why I chose the name ‘Blog in the Light’ for this site. Well, like with most things, there is a story behind it, and this is it.

When I grew up, I frequently sung the song ‘The Spirit lives to set us free’ which has line in the chorus; ‘walk in the light’.

It was never one of my favourite songs or hymns but it was one that was sung often in school assemblies and children’s services because it was simple, catchy and very easy to learn. But despite this over the years I have found that the lyrics meant more and more to me.

‘Walk in the light, walk in the light, walk in the light, walk in the light of the Lord.’

As time progressed, and I grew in my faith as a Christian, I began to really understand what everything meant, and I realised that God our Father sent his only Son, Jesus, down to earth to die upon a cross and took away with him all our sins. This gives us the opportunity to lead Godly lives if we so choose, and to walk in the light of Christ as he had originally intended.

Without knowing God, there would be no light in my life. In John 14:6 Jesus said:

‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’
John 14:6

Jesus IS the way, and IS the truth, and IS the life. Without Him, there would be no light and no way I would ever be able to meet him in Heaven. I am thankful that I have opened myself up to His light, so that I can walk in the light of Christ, or in the case of here, blog in the light of Christ. Hopefully I will be able to give you a glimpse as to what life is like knowing the one true Father and hopefully lead you on your journey into knowing Jesus, as Lord and Saviour as you begin walking down the path in the light of Christ.

My prayer for all you readers is for you to come to know Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and if you have already made a commitment, then I would love for you to have a better understanding as to what this means, so below is a prayer that you can say.

Lord God, I’m sorry for ignoring You and doing things my way in darkness without Your Light. Thank you, Jesus, that You came and took the punishment for my sin. Thank you that you gave your life for me so that I can live a life walking in Your Light. Please forgive me and help me now as I decide to live only for You. Amen.